Friday, May 14, 2010

Bevel Algorithm

I've been working on this bevel algorithm for about a month now. Actually, this is the second bevel algorithm I've written for this. The above box was beveled three times in a row. I added some colors just to show off the geometry.

So, with this algorithm there were two challenges. First, was writing an algorithm that worked on all primitives multiple times. The other was support for the bevel gizmo that allows the user to bevel the object in realtime.

This is also the first modifier I have that displays text next to the gizmo so no panels with controls are required to perform the task. Slightly off subject, I tried using blender the other day and my editor is SO much more user friendly! If you use blender, you'll love mine.

I still have a lot of work on it but it's nice to be heading in the right direction.

Happy Coding!