Friday, April 19, 2013

From .NET to Java

I started studying code development in Java using Eclipse and decided to blog a little on my experience.

So far I have built three different applications. 
  1. A console application.  I followed the tutorials here:
  2. A Hello World GUI Application.  Using Swing, I was able to plop a label and a button on to a form in the designer.  It was very easy to figure out how to hook up an event and set the label text when clicking the button.  But, I have to say that this designer was pretty bad.  So if you know of a better one please let me know in comments.
  3. A Servlet: I found a video that walked me through adding a servlet and choosing an Apache Tomcat v6.0 virtual server.  This part I really liked.  Writing the servlet to return some html was pretty simple.  There seems to be a lot of files that were created so I will begin to go through their functions.
Next Steps:
I will begin looking into deploying my servlet and looking at JSP.  After that, I'll try to hook up my sample to a database to push and pull some data.

I will start blogging some of the tips that I learn along the way. 

Happy Coding!