Friday, October 26, 2012

Indie 3D Project Promotion

RightBytes is sponsoring three 3D projects! If you are part of a small project team or a 3D hobbyist and are interested in software that is easy to use, sign up for a beta copy! Receive the latest version of Artismo for your team as well as exposure on our site.
Some features of Artismo are:
  • Polygon Modeling System.
  • UV Mapping.
  • Layer System for Model Design.
  • Bone Animation System.
  • UV Envelopes for Vertex UV Assignment.
  • Integrated 2D Art program for producing seamless textures and 2D assets.
  • SpriteMaker Plug-in: For exporting 3D animations to 2D sprite animations for 2D engines and mobile support.
Export Formats:
  • .X file (Animated and Static) for DirectX and XNA Projects.
  • STL: 3D Printer Bot files for 3D Printers.

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