Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Docking in VS.NET 2005

I was looking for a quick way to solve a docking issue in dotnet and I stumbled across this blogsite on cranky programming.

The title is "Is anyone doing anything HARD with .NET?
I thought he was right on the money. I would say the answer is "We are NOW!"

VS.NET 2005 promised to make our life easier and that actual code is greatly reduced. But, what they don't tell you is the saved coding time is reallocated to trying to tweak their controls to do what you want. And they make it look so easy in the demos...

I've reported 3 bugs I've found already with VS.NET 2005. The above link has some more. It makes me want to jump ship to the Java camp, but that's not what pays the bills.

The items I found were:

1. ASP.NET: If you comment out a control in the html view of a web form and create a new control with the name of the old one, the compiler still picks up the commented control and lists an error. On Microsoft's website it says its designed this way.

2. ASP.NET: The Textbox control "MaxLength" property does not work if "Multiline" is set to true. Again, by design..... Yeah right.

Bug workarounds:
1. VB.NET: If your design view for a form refuses to display, showing a list of variables missing you know are in place, simply hit F7, go to anyword hit spacebar and then backspace and hit F7 to return to designer. It amazingly figures out that the missing variables DO exist.

Hope this helps someone.

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