Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Geometry Editor

I've been working on my own geometry editor now for about a year. Its written in C# vs.2005. I should be ready to push out a beta version of it in a few months. The image is one I did on the weekend.

Development has really slowed since my second son Bryce was born in February. I'm just starting to get some work done on it now. I've been working on the rotation gizmo for the last few days. I have it working pretty well now.

What I'm looking for are beta testers or hobbyists who would like to use it on a project. It will output .X files but I can create other outputs as well if needed. Please post a reply if you're interested and describe the project you would like to work on. Its okay for low poly objects but not so great for organic objects yet. It has pretty limited tools. I'll keep posting my progress as I go.

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