Tuesday, June 10, 2008

DirectX Character Animation

I've made a little progress on my animation system. I made a test model I like to call Fred and attached him to an animated skeleton. See Video.

I know the character isn't that pretty but the important thing is that his skin isn't flying around the screen and he is performing the cheesy walk sequence. Although I haven't transformed the normals yet so his lighting is really bad. Next step is to fix normals and start working on weighted blends.

Later I'll support .x format so I'm going to take a close look at the "Simple Animation" demo from microsoft and utilize their AnimationController and D3DFrame structure. I did find that DirectX render state does support vertex blending with the D3DRS_VERTEXBLEND flag. You can read about it here:

Happy Coding!
(Note I'm not DXJas anymore because microsoft stopped supporting MDX and that upset me. Their alternative was to use XNA or roll your own. XNA Rocks though! Don't get me started...) :)


  1. Jake looks like a lumberjack if you ask me. Hey! Is there room for an "Ax Men" game on the market? Because Jake could totally star in that one. Good job Jas!

  2. Lol. Actually, this is Fred. He's straight out of the "I want my MTV" video from the 80's. "THAT AINT WORKING, THAT'S THE WAY YOU DO IT. YOU PLAY YOUR GUITAR ON THE MTV."