Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brain Processing Theory - Processor 4 on fire!

A few years ago a friend of mine was describing his brain like a computer, which originally had four processors. And, as you get older these processors start to burn out. I thought it was a good illustration and then the other day I realized that I think I lost a processor!

I was sitting there trying to remember "The Magic Solution" I came up with for a problem at work. Although I could remember the "What" it was supposed to do, the "How" seemed to have slipped my mind. It was like I had lost a few of the essential puzzle pieces. I just couldn't walk through the thought process to come to that solution. This is when I noticed the smoke coming out of processor 4! And, processor 3 mockingly pipes in with the Brain Processing Theory.

I sit in denial forcing myself to load "The Magic Solution" back into memory only to receive negative response from processors 1-3. They reply: "We don't want anything to do with work from processor 4 or anything else that requires 4 processors! And next time you better be ready to bargain with some sugar or something."

Now, I'm missing processor four. But, maybe the Brain Processing Theory needs to be expanded just a little... Maybe its a type of self preservation? Maybe Processor 4's main purpose wasn't to process mass quantities of variables and detailed designs and it just decided that enough was enough? Maybe all the processors are in on it and they're taking turns on vacation? No... I'm in denial again. I'm just down to 3 processors at 34. But, I guess there's always a bright side......... Darn it! That must have been on processor 4!

Has this happened to you? Let me know.

Happy Coding!



  1. I know what's happening.

    From your illustration Processor 4 is just locked in Rock Band mode. Do a system reboot to unlock the processor.

  2. This is what happens when Jas gives up soda.

  3. Just a follow up... I'm back to drinking soda and Processor 4 has recovered!